About Us

Eleos Project is a Faith Based International Development Organzation based in the
Denver, Colorado area and is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Our mission is to improve living conditions in developing countries and to seek feasible solutions that will result in sustainable community development projects in an effort to reduce poverty.

The Greek word "Eleos" literally means: mercy and compassion or good will towards the poor and the afflicted, joined with a desire and attitude to help others in need.

We believe we can transform lives through the power of compassion.

We refuse to view the world with a despair that assumes that nothing can be done
to help the poor.

Eleos Project has been actively working in Africa for over a decade. Our community development projects have focused on clean water, health, education, agriculture and community outreach since 1999. 

Eleos Project is actively focusing on clean water development projects in East Africa and specifically in Kenya with our "Never Thirst Again" Clean Water Initiative.    

We hope you enjoyed your visit to our website. We would like to take this opportunity to encourage you to be a part of our clean water initiative "Never Thirst Again" to provide clean, safe drinking water for all people.

Thank you for visiting Eleos Project!