Health is one of the Keys to Reducing Poverty in Developing Countries.

Eleos Project's Never Thirst Again clean water initiative will increase access to
clean, safe drinking water amoung HIV-Positive people in rural areas of Kenya.

People living with HIV are especially vulnerable to diseases that can be spread
through unsafe drinking water because of their weakened immune systems.

These people must have access to clean, safe drinking water if they are to survive.
This access is key in preventing water-borne diseases such as, cholera, typhoid,
diarrhea and many other disease linked to drinking unsafe water.

Water and sanitation related diseases collectively account for 80% of all sicknesses
in developing countries. These diseases can be prevented today through education
and the provision of clean, safe drinking water and do not hinge on new medical
technologies or vaccine discoveries.    

Good health is an essentail part of our mission to help reduce poverty and to
transform lives.

Your gift today will help us improve the health of people in rural Kenya and provide the gift of clean, safe drinking water to people in need.