Education is one of the Keys to Reducing Poverty in Developing Countries.

In Africa it is estimated that only 59% of children attend school, and only one in
three will complete primary school.

The reasons children do not attend school in developing countries are many
including, working to help support their family, fetching water, searching for food,
caring for sick parents or younger siblings, illness, lack of school fees and/or
uniforms, and shortage of trained teachers, to name a few.

Many children have unsafe water supplies, and are chronically sick and struggle
with learning. Malnutrition and hunger can leave a child with the inability to learn.

These issues are only made worse for orphaned and at-risk children. These
children have lost their parents and the only family they have ever known. An
education is their only hope to break to cycle of poverty and to have a brighter

Eleos Project is committed to orphaned and at-risk children in Kenya and
supports these children through initiatives at schools, orphanages and local
community centers. Our efforts include: drilling and constructing new water wells
to provide clean, safe drinking water for these children and finding solutions that
will help reduce poverty through new and appropriate education initiatives.

Education is an essentail part of our mission to help reduce poverty and to
transform the lives of these children.


Your gift today will help us improve education for children in rural Kenya and provide
life-sustaining clean, safe drinking water to children in schools and their communities.