Agriculture is one of the Keys to Reducing Poverty in Developing Countries.

Thirty-four thousand children die every day of hunger and preventable diseases. That’s
24 a minute, real children with names and siblings and dreams—kids who never see
adulthood because they struggle with hunger and lose. Poverty is at the heart of the
worlds hunger.

The exasperating truth is that the world produces enough food to feed everybody. It just
isn’t being distributed equitably. The imbalance in food distribution is the number one
reason a hunger problem haunts our world today. Developed countries nearly empty the
food basket before passing the scraps to developing nations.Industrialized countries
include only 20% of world population but consume 80% of the food resources.

In the United States, we spend billions of dollars every year on diets and related
expenditures to reduce calorie intake. Obesity and cardiovascular disease are rampant.
Many North Americans literally eat themselves to death.